Q&A: University, Relationships, Music, Ethnicity Etc.

Hello everyone! I haven’t filmed a Q&A in a very long time, so I thought I would finally sit down and answer some of your burning questions! Hope this is interesting :D Grab your cups of tea!

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Q&A: University, Relationships, Music, Ethnicity Etc.

Tips for healthy living – Citylights – Tv9

Tips for healthy living – Citylights

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Tips for healthy living – Citylights – Tv9

Room Inspiration

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Brother Nephtali’s Health Scare & Why We Need to be Living a Healthy Life!

Hey everyone could you all please pray for our Brother Nephtali who is now out of the hospital after having a pretty bad health scare! In this video I share his video on this and encourage you all to live a healthy life! Please share this video !!! God Bless, STAY VIGILANT & FEAR NO EVIL !!!

Brother Naphtali on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6d8gdVmOgimP9453Ee9miQ

Healthy Living Series – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL39C93C85F90245EC

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Sister Nichole – https://www.youtube.com/user/NicholeMinor/featured

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Brother Nephtali’s Health Scare & Why We Need to be Living a Healthy Life!

Thoughts on unspoken rules & other problems in relationships and everyday life

Some of my thoughts on how the assumption that others share one’s own, subjective norms, ideas and beliefs often leads to problems. Everyone of course has certain values and notions of what is important in relationships, jobs, etc, and how to act properly.

Sometimes however you forget that these are merely your own personal standards, and not necessarily shared by or applicable to others. And if they disagree, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re wrong.

Sometimes we think we mean the same thing because we use the same word, like “honesty” or “faithfulness” for example. But those are just words, symbols. Even though they have a dictionary definition, individual people may interpret them quite differently in everyday life. Marriages have failed because the partners didn’t talk about what is truly important to them, or exactly what they mean by it.

I think it’s extremely important to try to be as clear and honest as possible in a relationship, and to talk about everything. That’s the recipe for a happy, fulfilled relationship, and I would wish for more people to have that. Might be too idealistic, but that’s just my view. :)


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Thoughts on unspoken rules & other problems in relationships and everyday life

DIY Inspiration Favoriten des Monats Februar / Eva verrät euch was ihr am besten gefallen hat

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Kinderspielzeug: https://www.youtube.com/user/SpieleSpielzeug
DIY Inspiration Favoriten des Monats Februar / Eva verrät euch was ihr am besten gefallen hat

Introduction to: HEALTHY LIVING

The Cause of Disease: “Since the fall in Eden, the race has been degenerating. Deformity, imbecility, and human suffering have
been pressing heavier and heavier upon each successive generation since the fall, and yet the masses
are asleep as to the real cause. They do not consider that they themselves are guilty, in a great measure, for this deplorable state of things.”

“The human family have brought upon themselves diseases of various forms by their own wrong habits.They have not studied HOW TO LIVE healthfully, and their transgression of the laws of their being has produced a deplorable state of things. The people have seldom accredited their sufferings to the true cause – their own wrong course of action.”

In order to live a perfect life, man must live in harmony with those Natural laws which govern his being. Therefore it is of the greatest importance that he know HOW TO LIVE so that his powers of body and mind be exercised to the glory of YAH. “Disease never comes without a cause. The way is first prepared and disease invited by disregarding the laws of health.” “Sickness is caused by a violation of the laws of health.”

“There is a divinely appointed connection between sin and disease – sin and disease bear to each other the relationship of cause and effect.” “When Yahshua healed disease, He warned many of the afflicted ones, Sin no more least a worse thing come upon
thee! Thus He taught that they had brought disease upon themselves by transgressing the laws of YAH, and that health could be preserved only by obedience. “Yahshua has been the guide and teacher of Ancient Israel, and He taught them that health is the reward of obedience to the laws of YAH.

The Great Physician who healed the sick in Palestine had spoken from the cloud telling them what they must do,and what YAH would do for them. “If thou wilt harken to the voice of the Elohim thy YAH, `He said’ and wilt do that which is right in His sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments I will put none of these diseases upon thee – for I am the Elohim that healeth thee! Ex.15:26. Yahshua gave to Israel definite instructions in regard to their habits of life, and He assured them. “Elohim will take away from thee all sickness. `Deut.7:15. When they fulfilled the conditions, the promise was verified to them. There was not a feeble person among their tribes.’ Psalms 105:37. TAKE HEED OF THE MOST HIGH WORD.
Introduction to: HEALTHY LIVING

A Positive Lifestyle: Things to Do, Apps, Inspiration, & MORE || Danielle Marie

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A Positive Lifestyle: Things to Do, Apps, Inspiration, & MORE || Danielle Marie

Future of Relationships? – MGTOW

“Hi Sandman. I’m asking you to produce a video on your opinions of the future of male/female relations given Feminism & MGTOW, etc. What options do men have for family (if any) and dating (plate theory?). Thank you.” Well Adam thanks for your question. Regardless of what anyone says we are a species that craves pair bonding. If we are younger and go our own way and disregard our
biological impulses we end up psychologically damaged. And if we give in to our impulses we oftentimes end up damaged as well. Or we become indentured servants and wage slaves. And even when men become aware of how women love them for what they do instead of who they are men still get into relationships and get married. I get many purple pill men that are aware of red pill ideas but they can’t become fully red pill because of biology. In some weird way you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t. I think the ideal state for both men and women is that in between state between being single and being in a relationship. The place where you are getting intimacy without all of the complications
that come from being in a full fledged relationship living with someone and having a family. In a way nature tricks us into having a family and a relationship by tempting us with that particular aspect of pair bonding. Many men and women idealize companionship and marriage but the ideal place is right at the beginning for most people and it goes down hill from there. That’s why we are seeing a rise in the hookup culture because when you’re with a new partner it’s often exciting and fun at the beginning. And the only thing more exciting then that is to constantly bring a new partner in your life to keep your love life exciting and interesting. Otherwise you risk getting bored with the person you’re with. It seems like the millennial generation is being socialized to always be hooking up. They are increasingly going their own way from traditional relationships. Dating for pleasure and fun but not for family and responsibility. Eventually this behavior will catch up to the greedy state that requires child support and alimony to alleviate itself from being on the hook for paying welfare and baby bonuses. For those of you unaware of plate theory it means dating someone and being in a relationship with a woman until she demands committed monogamy. At that point when she makes that demand you simply move onto the next woman. But a lot of men don’t know what to do because if they commit get married and have a family they leave themselves very vulnerable.

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4. olly2 – Angry woman screaming against her husband with his face deformed by the power of the scream


5. Creativa – Annoyed Woman Yelling To Her Husband


6. Mukhina1 – Finger art of a couple during quarrel. A man yells at a woman. Woman crying.


7. Wavebreak Media Ltd – Couple holding two halves of broken heart against red vignette


8. auremar – Young couple having a row


9. Khakimullin – relationship problems people


10. Kamira – Divorce,problems – Young couple angry at each other sitting back to back with a bricks wall background


Future of Relationships? – MGTOW

Social Media Affects Healthy Living In Nigeria – Pulse TV Live Highlights

Pulse.ng is Nigeria’s popular news platform online. 24/7 gist, music, movies, events, sports and more.









Social Media Affects Healthy Living In Nigeria – Pulse TV Live Highlights

Gross Gore | Relationships, life, love & all that other crap | VLOG Update, 30 mins, oh…snap

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Gross Gore
Gross Gore | Relationships, life, love & all that other crap | VLOG Update, 30 mins, oh…snap



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What I Eat to stay Fit & Healthy Living | What I eat In a Day

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What I Eat to stay Fit & Healthy Living Weight Loss Tips
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PumpUp is a very positive and inspiring community that helps every day people live a healthier and happier life. The community is a comfortable space where you can strive for your best without anyone judging or criticizing you.
PumpUp encompasses sharing all aspects of healthy & active living. Showcasing how you can share everything related to a healthy & active life is very important (for example —a workout, walking outside, a healthy recipe or meal idea, or your favorite workout gear).
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Skin care Tips for acne prone oily to combination skin:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB20A661637CAA955
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What I Eat to stay Fit & Healthy Living | What I eat In a Day

What Pokie and KZ learned from their relationships?

KZ Tandingan and Pokwang revealed to Kris what are the things they have learned from their past relationships.

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What Pokie and KZ learned from their relationships?

I TREAT MYSELF (crunk rappers for healthy living) ft. Brittani Louise Taylor

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A music video about crunk rappers obsessed with healthy living. Tell us how you treat yourself in the comments. And thanks to our sponsor Pepsi MAX for making this video possible!

Don’t forget to check out the outtakes and behind the scenes!

And Brittani’s Vlog from the shoot!

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-Pantless Knights

Starring Paavo Steinkamp as Primp Dirty Pain
Skip Elekwachi as Big Bossy
and Brittani Louise Taylor as Susan – http://youtube.com/brittanilouisetaylor
Created by Seedwell / Pantless Knights
Directed by David Fine
Produced by David Fine, Peter Furia, and Beau Lewis
Lyrics written by Beau Lewis and Peter Furia
Camera by Art Adams
Line Produced by Kimi Milo
Lighting, Grip and Dolly: Tyler McPherron
Hair/Make-up: Maria Lee
Primp Dirty Pain Vocals by Paavo Steinkamp
Big Bossy Vocals by Kyle Kalgonn





© 2011 Pantless Knights / Seedwell
Contact us at info[at]seedwell.com

Oh snap! I’m late for deep tissue
It’s Primp Dirty Pain for some real shiat-su
Dolphins, soundscapes, and bubbles
Two cucumber slices keep me supple
All day, treatin’ myself baybay
Prefer fruit extracts when gettin’ pastay
My pilates regimen – ambitious
Vegetables I choose to eat — nutritious
Yeah I treat myself
Neutralize free radicals
Yeah I treat myself
Exfoliate with minerals
Yeah I treat myself
Organic weekly fruit box
I treat myself [yeah] I treat myself
Uhh! I’m the boss of this literature!
Uhh! Who spilled sauce on this literature!?
Anyway, I thought the prose were well-written
Someone stop me ‘fore all this cheese gets bitten
Hell nah – this ain’t proscuito di parma,
Ain’t no free range close enough to make this from local farmers,
Hey, Susan! Love what you did with your hair
What’s next week’s read? I’d like to prepare
Yeah, book cluuuub – it really makes me heal
Cuz in this setting it’s safe to say how I feel
Maximum taste [uh huh] that’s right
And zero calories so my body stay tight
Yeah I treat myself
Dostoevsky’s on the list
Yeah I treat myself
I speak in prose not with fists
Yeah I treat myself
Susan spray that mist!
I treat myself [yeah] I treat myself [yeah]
See me rollin’ leaned back in my candy painted blades
Maximum taste plus gelato with glaze
Beautiful day for a picnic right here
Baguettes, towlettes and a brick of gruyere
You ain’t n’er seen a blanket like this befo’
Silky micro-fibers, hypo-allergenic throw
Peep game – downward dog with no tricks
My flexibility gets me hot yoga chicks
And this here – that’s my best position
It’s the lotus pose recommended by my physician
That’s the blueprint, every day I repeat it
Big Bossy treat myself the way I’d like to be treated
Yeah I treat myself
Got my chakras aligned
Yeah I treat myself
Stanky gruyere’s divine
Yeah I treat myself
Nice things are clearly preferable
I treat myself [yeah] I treat myself [yeah]
Yeah I treat myself
Yeah I treat myself
Straight chillaxin’ in the tub
Yeah I treat myself
Don’t need to pop that bub
I treat myself, Yeah I treat myself
I TREAT MYSELF (crunk rappers for healthy living) ft. Brittani Louise Taylor

Bali Inspiration | Shaycation: Final Thoughts

Love yourself and your life, after all…today is the best day of your life. I made a special video to show you what I learned on my Bali Shaycation.
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Quay x Shay Mitchell Collection: http://bit.ly/QuayxShay
Vesper Black
Vesper White
Vivienne Black
Vivienne Gold
Jinx Desert Leopard
Jinx Clear
Tilly Gold
Tilly White

Look 1 Triangl
Look 2 Issa De Mar
Look 3 Triangl
Look 4 Tory Burch
Look 5 Luli Fama
Look 6 Mikoh
Look 7 Noelle Swimwear
Look 8 Mara Hoffman

Original Score by: Quinn Anthony https://soundcloud.com/quinnanthony1

Inspired by: Shay Mitchell
Written by: Rashonda Joplin

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Bali Inspiration | Shaycation: Final Thoughts