Connections are the key for happiness!How do you deal with disconnected soul?You enter in the realm of the Sprint ,take the ROOT of the problem out and then STAND by renewing the mind daily. CONNECT ! Find the person NEXT to you! And remember … it is not what happens to you ,it is HOW you respond ! Let it GO and move forward !

Epoq kök – Hitta inspiration till ditt nya drömkök hos Elgiganten!

Erbjudandet gäller t.om. vecka 6 2015!
Vi på Elgiganten är stolta över att kunna erbjuda Epoq-kök i våra varuhus. För dig som inte känner till Epoq, kan vi berätta att Epoq har tillverkat moderna kök i skandinavisk design sedan starten i Göteborg, 2004. Utbudet är stort och möjligheterna många med ett Epoq-kök. Om du skulle vilja förnya köket senare kan du enkelt byta inredning, luckor och bänkskivor efter behov och trender. Att välja rätt vitvaror till köket är självklart också viktigt. Vill du integrera vitvaror som är anpassade till Epoq eller vill du ha fristående lösningar? Hos Elgiganten kan du välja ur ett brett utbud av välkända märken – till marknadens kanske bästa priser.

Se mer här: http://www.elgiganten.se/cms/epoq-kok/epoq-inspiration-till-kok/
Epoq kök – Hitta inspiration till ditt nya drömkök hos Elgiganten!

CHI Hair Inspiration with Miss Universe: Havana Nights


Miss Universe Puerto Rico receives a stylish updo from CHI artists inspired by Little Havana, Miami. See who takes home the crown on January 25th @ 8pm/7c on NBC.

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Category: The 63rd Annual Miss Universe Pageant
CHI Hair Inspiration with Miss Universe: Havana Nights

Marlon Young Gives Us Some Advice On Relationships and …Farts?

Our camera guy talk to Marlon Young and asked him how does he tell his girlfriend that he can hear when she farts in the bathroom?

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Marlon Young Gives Us Some Advice On Relationships and …Farts?

AbraResto Presents Healthy Living Series #4

AbraResto Presents Healthy Living Series #4
Title: Cholesterol Concerns

It’s not easy choosing the healthier way of living, but it doesn’t have to be hellbent-tough either! On this episode of Healthy Living Series, Jansen walks us through the ins and outs of cholesterol, an infamous topic in the health world.

What is cholesterol, really? What role does it play in our body? Why do we have to be careful with it? How can we maintain our health with cholesterol as a factor in it?

All these and more can be found in the video. Happy watching!

Video Host: Jansen Ongko, MSc., RD
Host Venue: Saung Manglayang, South Jakarta

Produced by: AbraResto
Music play:

Album Bossanova Vol 1
- Wheater Record 60 – Composer – Scott P. Schreer

- “Easy Lemon (60 second)” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Music by Jason Shaw @ Audionatix.com

T’empailler toute nue – INSTRUMENTAL VERSION
composer – Löhstana David
2011-05-29T22:39:21+01:00 Löhstana David http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ verify at http://www.jamendo.com/album/92133/
AbraResto Presents Healthy Living Series #4

Rebound Relationships

Some things you need to consider before getting too deeply involved with a lover who has just ended a long-term relationship and is therefore on the rebound.

In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email from a viewer who was already following my work when he met a woman through online dating. She had recently broken up with her husband of 14 years after he had cheated on her and asked for a divorce. Her emotions were obviously really raw, and she needed time to heal, but he proceeded anyway. He had read my book several times and felt he knew the material really well. He and this woman had really great chemistry and they ended up having sex on the third date. They continued to see each other more and more as their mutual attraction for each other grew over about two months. One thing that did not change was that he continued to call, text, and pursue 20-30% of the time, instead of letting her slowly end up doing 100% of the calling, texting, and pursuing. He decided to unilaterally become exclusive with her and not date any other woman, although he never told her about this. He became a little too fixated on having a relationship with her instead of just hanging out, having fun, and hooking up. Things moved so fast that she started telling him things like she needed to “come up for air” and “clear her head.” She also told him that she was still dating other men and had a date with another man the next night after he and she had had an all night sexual marathon. Now he has not heard from her in a week, and it’s obvious she has been pushing him away. He asks my opinion on what he should do next because he thought he was doing most things right.

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Corey Wayne
Rebound Relationships

Jonas Brothers – Living The Dream – Season 2 – Episode 2 – Healthy Living FULL EPISODE

So, here’s the second episode of “Jonas Brothers: Living The Dream Season 2″ I would die for Joe to cook for me! it would be the best meal EVER! Though, he’s a pretty hot cook. ;D Haha! Anyway, I’ll keep you guys updated with Living The Dream. I love how the Jonas Family was worried about Joe’s cooking. xP But I bet it was amazing. ;D So, PLEASE follow me on twitter! http://www.twitter.com/TeamK2Jonas :D I won ONE Twitter Award: Best Kevin Jonas Support. :D So, hope you enjoy it. :D

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Jonas Brothers – Living The Dream – Season 2 – Episode 2 – Healthy Living FULL EPISODE

Boho Festival Inspired Outfit Ideas | Bohemian Fashion Style Inspiration

Here are some Boho style outfit ideas, perfect for if you don’t know what to wear to a festival! Hope you guys enjoy video THUMBS UP if you do!!

Hey Guys!
So I originally had a really cool video idea planned but it kind of fell through so here’s what I came up with at the last minute since I had to film at home! You guys know how much I love the bohemian look so hopefully you enjoy this video!

Outfit #1 Penny Lane
Crop – ShowPo
Flares – Tobi
Vest – Thrifted
Belt – Supre (really old)

Outfit #2
Romper – Tobi
Cardigan – Dissh (sold out)
Boots – Kmart
Belt – Verge Girl
Lips – Limecrime Poisonberry

Outfit #3
Top – Asos
Skirt – My mums :)
Hat – Asos
Lips – Limecrime Wicked

Sorry there’s no links this time, since this was a last minute video I didn’t buy anything new, these items have been in my closet a while and most of them are no longer available online.

Smells like Summer by Early Hours

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Boho Festival Inspired Outfit Ideas | Bohemian Fashion Style Inspiration

Healthy Snack Idea to Lose Weight | Makeup Geek

Welcome back to another Weight Loss Wednesday! Instead of making a drastic change each week, I’ve decided to make them every other week. This way it becomes more of a habit by the time you tackle your next step which will set you up for success! So for this week stick with step 1 of switching out your sugary drinks for healthier alternatives and be sure to try out these awesome snacks to help you with your weight loss goals! Hope you enjoy!

See my previous Weight Loss Wednesday video on step 1 to meeting your weight loss goals!
How I Lost 100 Pounds – Step 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dveCzJuviaA&index=4&list=PLrFVD2ur9k0o7HKez7zppFBM7qEaA4rMz

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Healthy Snack Idea to Lose Weight | Makeup Geek

Lesbian Relationships: Expectation vs Reality

What you expect your relationship to be like vs. what it’s actually like.
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Lesbian Relationships: Expectation vs Reality

Having Babies / Inspiration / Tyler Tuesday / #teeteetuesday

What inspires you?

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Having Babies / Inspiration / Tyler Tuesday / #teeteetuesday

Coca-Cola Advert – Grandpa – Living a Healthy Lifestyle – Coca-Cola UK


The new Coca-Cola advert ‘Grandpa’ shows that the lifestyle enjoyed by our grandparents — moving more, eating well, taking it easy — can be beneficial. We’re committed to using our advertising to raise awareness of the importance of energy balance and helping people to make informed choices. We believe it is just one of the ways we can help make more people aware of the need for a balanced diet and active, healthy lifestyle.
Coca-Cola Advert – Grandpa – Living a Healthy Lifestyle – Coca-Cola UK

Is Aloe Vera Juice Safe to Drink? | Healthy Living | Fitness How To

It turns out that aloe vera is not just for applying directly to your skin; you can drink it, too. But should you? Watch this video to learn more about the juice du jour.

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Is Aloe Vera Juice Safe to Drink? | Healthy Living | Fitness How To


giving so relationship advice with the help of my good friend sprinkles

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Vegan Marc Healthy Living Club Leaderboards Week 3 Ending Jan 11, 2015

Best viewed full screen…Vegan Marc Healthy Living Club Leaderboards for the week ending Jan 11, 2015. Includes the Main Club Leaderboard, Swim Leaderboard, Strava Races 10k, Strava Races Half Marathon, Clubs Runners MTS, Cyclists MTS, Gran Fondo 100 and Gran Fondo 150, and Climbing Challenge Leaderboards. Club announcements and Photo Contest video for the week is http://youtu.be/7hbxSBMeTbw
Club link: bit.ly/VeganMarcHealthyLiving
Vegan Marc Healthy Living Club Leaderboards Week 3 Ending Jan 11, 2015