香港健康生活雜誌 150530 ep16 英語字幕 HK HEALTHY LIVING MAGAZINE show 16

特備節目 香港健康生活雜誌 2015-5-30 第16集 (英語字幕) 節目重溫
HK HEALTHY LIVING MAGAZINE show 16 (English subtitles)
主題:Blue Light Blues Blinded By The Light
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香港健康生活雜誌 150530 ep16 英語字幕 HK HEALTHY LIVING MAGAZINE show 16

5 Tips For Motivation & Inspiration #RADTalks

Let’s talk motivation and inspiration..
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Tip #1
Change up Your Daily Routine
Go work or study at a cafe if you normally work at home. Switching up your daily routine will trigger new thoughts and will naturally spark new thoughts of inspiration.

Tip #2
Give Yourself Space
Take a walk, go to lunch with friends. Allow yourself to take a break from your everyday thoughts.

Tip #3
Enrich Yourself
Read a new book, listen to music, go on Pinterest.

Tip #4
Capture Your Inspiration
Remember to always jot down your ideas you have throughout the day. When you are feeling uninspired you can refer back to these notes.

Tip #5
Organize Your Space
This is so important for me! Before I go to bed at night I always organize my place, this way when I wake up in the morning I will feel refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Hope this helps you!

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5 Tips For Motivation & Inspiration #RADTalks

A$AP Rocky on Past Relationships: ‘She Not The Only Pop Star Getting Ji**ed On!’

A$AP Rocky stops by on Nessa to clear Rita Ora rumors, talk about his album “At Long Last A$AP” and his theatrical debut “Dope!”

A$AP Rocky on Past Relationships: ‘She Not The Only Pop Star Getting Ji**ed On!’

WW – Longterm Relationships

What’s something you took out of your last longterm relationship? If you haven’t had one yet, tell me about your relationship with your pet. If you have no pets, I will buy you one.

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WW – Longterm Relationships

YouTube 10th Anniversary 10 Fundamentals: INSPIRATION YouTube 10周年記念 10のクリエイター物語: #6 インスピレーション


YouTub 10周年記念!ということで、クリエイター向けに作った動画です。10の大切な事のうちの1つ、インスピレーション (Inspiration) について語っています。参考になるといいです☆

This video is created to celebrate YouTube’s 10th anniversary. Here I am talking about “Inspiration”, one of the 10 fundamentals of a creative strategy on YouTube.

Sharability 共有性
Conversation 対話性
Interactivity 双方向性
Consistency 一貫性
Targeting ターゲティング
Sustainability 持続性
Discoverability 出会い
Accessibility 親しみやすさ
Collaboration コラボレーション
Inspiration インスピレーション

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YouTube 10th Anniversary 10 Fundamentals: INSPIRATION YouTube 10周年記念 10のクリエイター物語: #6 インスピレーション

Healthy Living Tip: Best Coffee Alternative

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Sophie Uliano from Gorgeously Green shares her favorite caffeine-free coffee alternative, which is alkalizing and detoxifying for your liver. It contains inulin, a soluble fiber, which is a great pre-biotic – important for a healthy gut.

New York Times best-selling author & healthy living expert, Sophie Uliano with her new book, Gorgeous For Good – A Simple 30-day Program to lasting beauty inside and out. It’s not a diet, it’s a LIVE-IT! Sophie walks you through her transformational program that will leave you healthier and happier!
Get a free e-book, cooking video series and more when you purchase a copy from Amazon. Sophie shares her natural beauty tips, DIY skin care recipes, vegan recipes, weight-loss tips, beauty hacks, beauty myths, beauty how-to’s, how to meditate, yoga practice, and more!

Healthy Living Tip: Best Coffee Alternative

Passo dello Stelvio (Bormio) – Cycling Inspiration & Education

Whatever way you look at it, the Stelvio is a spiritual cycling experience like no other. First featuring in the Giro d’Italia in 1953 its long history and sky high credentials make it a mountain of legend and unique lure for every rider that dares to tackle its serpentine slopes. Not only is it the highest road pass in Italy at 2,758 metres above sea level but it’s also the highest finish of any Grand Tour stage. That aside, it’s the architecture of the climb that really makes it famous and sets it apart from the rest. Bend after bend with a relentless gradient, jaw dropping waterfalls free-falling on a non-stop trajectory towards the valley below and a vast expanse of mountain mystique the higher you climb. That’s the real beauty of the mighty Stelvio, a true test of physical and mental strength all the way to the summit.

I’ll never forget the first time I rode the Stelvio from Bormio, in true Cotty fashion this was meant to be a “transition day” to get over the delights of a day of travel. We set off late in the afternoon with the original idea of spinning our legs out for a few kilometres just to loosen things up for the days to come. The higher we climbed the more inspired the ride became. When it was time to turn around neither my buddy or I had it in us to say let’s stop. I mean, they’re the rules right? “Don’t start something you don’t intend on finishing”. As the light began to dwindle and the temperature took a sharp dip, unintentionally we made it all the way to the top just in the nick of time as the final shops were shutting their doors for the night. The wind was bitter and we were well under dressed for the occasion. No time for selfies at the summit but just enough money for two cotton caps and a couple of copies of La Gazzetta dello Sport to stuff under each jersey to help against the wind chill (Giro style…..or so we thought). Watch out, the tunnels on the way down are dark and damp, even worse when you’re shivering like Frosty the Snowman. What a ride, what a climb, what a memory. Wouldn’t change it for the world!

Start: Bormio
Length: 21.5km
Summit: 2,758m
Elevation gain: 1,533m
Average gradient: 7.1%
Max gradient: 14%

Thank you to our partners Mavic, Cannondale, Exposure Lights, Fi’zi:k, Haute Route, La Fuga, Lezyne, Map My Tracks, Muc Off, Scicon, The Sufferfest, Torq Fitness and USE for enabling us to bring these truly special mountains to life for you all. If you’re in need of new bike kit in the future and you enjoyed this video then bear them in mind and help keep the wheels turning :-)

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Stay well, ride safe and thank you for watching.

Mike Cotty
The Col Collective
Passo dello Stelvio (Bormio) – Cycling Inspiration & Education

Impossible & Toxic Relationships

Why it’s a bad idea to become romantically involved with someone who is willing to cheat on their spouse with you, and to delude yourself into thinking that your affair will ever lead to a healthy, monogamous long-term fairy tale romance or marriage.

In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email from a Brazilian viewer who claims to be dating a fantastic woman for nine months. He says he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. They have the same values, goals, similar careers and their chemistry is pure fire. The only problem is that she has been married for seven years to another man! He says she has been unhappy for six years and really pissed at her husband for the past three years. Supposedly she was all set to leave her husband so they could live happily ever after, but backed out at the last minute. She told him that even though he has not been good to her, she wants to give him another chance. Now she wants space so she can work on her marriage. Now he wonders what he should do. I give him a reality check.

“Men and women who date married members of the opposite sex and put their personal lives on hold in hopes that they will actually leave their spouse are deluding themselves. Most of the time they never actually leave their spouse and just string their affair partners along with just enough hope and promise of a rosy future to keep them on the hook. The reality is if you become involved with a cheater, you are usually dealing with a selfish, weak, narcissistic, lying and devious con artist who is incapable of real love, loyalty, commitment and honesty. People who stay hung up on and romantically involved with unavailable married lovers, really are just living out their limiting belief that they are not worthy of true love and a great relationship. It’s how they avoid a real relationship and continually experience wanting love that they never get; this is usually similar to a pattern they became emotionally conditioned to expect and seek out during childhood. You should hit the eject and delete button the moment you find out a potential or new lover is still married.” ~ Coach Corey Wayne

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Corey Wayne
Impossible & Toxic Relationships

Summer Tips: Healthy Living in Summer | CVR News

Watch CVR News, the 24/7 news channel with exclusive breaking news, special interviews, latest updates on movies, sports and current affairs.

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Summer Tips: Healthy Living in Summer | CVR News

John Nash, Inspiration for Film ‘A Beautiful Mind,’ Dead in Car Crash

Famed mathematician John Nash, whose accomplished life inspired the movie “A Beautiful Mind,” was killed in a crash on the New Jersey Turnpike. The 86-year-old died along with his wife, 82-year-old Alicia Nash.

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John Nash, Inspiration for Film ‘A Beautiful Mind,’ Dead in Car Crash

How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle!

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How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle!

Spot the Signs of Abusive Relationships |

Statistically, #1in3ofUs will be in an abusive relationship. Learn to spot the warning signs: Text MARINA to 38383.

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11 Facts About Dating Violence:

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Spot the Signs of Abusive Relationships |

[Emotional Inspiration Uplifting] Songs To Your Eyes – We Will Live Forever – EpicMusicVn

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- Music by Songs To Your Eyes
- Composer: Florian Walser (AKM)
- Track: We Will Live Forever
- Album: STYE434 – Advertising Scores Vol.1

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[Emotional Inspiration Uplifting] Songs To Your Eyes – We Will Live Forever – EpicMusicVn

Improved Workmanship through healthy living – The Screenprinters – Episode 35

Tara is tired of her slacker crew and thinks the key is for everyone to live a healthier lifestyle. This is just for fun and nothing in this series is meant to be taken too seriously. So if you’re a screen printer and you see something in here that offends you… don’t be. We love screen printers and screen printing!

Food for this day of filming was generously provided by and it was fantastic. Check them out.

You know what else? Screen printing is fun and if you’re interested be sure and visit as they can get you started in screen printing if you’re new or supply your needs if you’re an old hat.

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Filmed on location at the very real screen printing shop Cole Ink. He actually runs his shop in a professional way, not like our silly characters. If you need any screen printing check him out.

Written and Directed by Nick Hagen
Produced by Mercedes Rose

Tara – Tara Dublin
Bryan – Brian Sutherland
Katy – Katie Michels
Hannah – Hannah Barefoot

Makeup by Terri Lodge – Visit her site here

Sound by Christian Dolan – Visit his site here

Title music: Vintage Education by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

A Coat Tale Productions Series Copyright 2013

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Improved Workmanship through healthy living – The Screenprinters – Episode 35


The Sim-U-Kraft Mod is based on the Sims and Sim City and enabled you to build and create anything you can imagine!
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In this Minecraft Mod Showcase:
The Sim-U-Kraft mod is a massive mod that gives you the ability to build massive cities. You can hire workers to build, gather materials and even go mining. This mod has many unique aspects such as being able to level up the Sim-U-Kraft people. You can even hire guards to kill mobs and protect the people. Shops can be built, and the citizens can sell food to each other to keep them from starving.

Healthy Living: Exercise and your Period

Are there any restrictions to exercise and your period? Lisa Johnson from talks about the best way to workout during your period and what tips you can do to feel great and beat the bloat.

How much weight gain during your period
How much bloat during your period
Healthy Living: Exercise and your Period

Multiple Relationship Dynamics | James Marshall | Full Length HD

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Before founding the Natural Lifestyles, James had a very colourful career in an amazing variety of areas. His different vocations and passions have given him a unique set of skills directly applicable to seduction and modern romance. From touring the country in his band (playing everything from huge festivals to a private performance for the Rebel Motorcycle gang), running his own successful massage business, to studying martial arts at Shaolin temple and representing Australia in Kung Fu; James has always pushed himself to explore his ultimate potential in whatever he pursues.

Women are naturally attracted to men who follow their dreams, so along the way he has developed great proficiency with them. Applying the discipline and intensity of a martial artist, the sensitivity of a masseur and the artistic passion of a musician to this pursuit; he has dated many incredible women and learned a great deal by observing and listening to them.

As a coach James is an astute listener and is able to read between the lines to get straight to the heart of his clients issues. He has an deep knowledge of body language and conversational patterns, which allow him to transfer immediately useful practical advice to his clients. His style infield is relaxed and charming and he is particularly good at helping clients get into deep rapport with the women they meet and setting them up on the path to successful relationships.

James brings a wealth of life experience, innovation, empathy and humour to the Natural and is committed to seeing other men making the absolute most of their time on this planet.

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Multiple Relationship Dynamics | James Marshall | Full Length HD

Summer Inspiration: My Essentials, Hair, Outfit Idea, Food

Here’s some summer inspiration for you guys including my essentials, hair product, outfit idea, and food idea! These are my must haves for summer!

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Products Mentioned:
Alterna Bamboo 48hr Volume Spray
Stila Patina Liquid Lipstick
DressyourFace Henna Tattoo
Essie polish in ‘Find me an Oasis’

Tunic- Free People
Shorts- Forever 21
Jewelry: Forever 21

Food Idea:
Ahi Poke

Thanks so much for watching!

Summer Inspiration: My Essentials, Hair, Outfit Idea, Food

5 Healthy Living Tips – Gina♥Heart

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I thought to myself…what are some things that I try to practice everyday that benefits the way I live my life. I shared 5 of my favorite ones with you!
1) Practice good posture
2) Listen to you body
3) Drink a full glass of water 1st thing in the morning
4) Get 8 hours of sleep
5) Smile and stay positive!
5 Healthy Living Tips – Gina♥Heart