Prison of Passion: Relationships Between Female Officers, Inmates

As new allegations emerge about David Sweat and a prison employee, a former Rikers correction officer talks about forbidden love behind bars.


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Prison of Passion: Relationships Between Female Officers, Inmates

Summer Inspiration! Things to do, Essentials, + Outfit Ideas!

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Summer Inspiration! Things to do, Essentials, + Outfit Ideas!

How To Regain Power In Relationships

Coach Corey Wayne discusses how to regain the power in a relationship when you have given it away by chasing too much, being too available, acting needy, etc.

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Corey Wayne
How To Regain Power In Relationships

Balanced Diet – Healthy Living

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Balanced Diet – Healthy Living

Minecraft Creative Inspiration 06 Crystal Castle

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This series takes place on my server where i fly around and look at the wonderful builds the community make together.

How to get to the plot:
/warp crystalcastle

Register to build:
/register [email]
/register cantregister [email]

Plotworld Overviewer

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Music By Erang
Song: I Dreamt Of An Emerald Forest
● Website:
Minecraft Creative Inspiration 06 Crystal Castle

Lil Beat – Relationships

♫ Artist: Lil Beat
Track: Relationships

♫ Download

★ Lil Beat


★ Background:
• Artwork by Hwansang


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Lil Beat – Relationships

Spider Man Movie To Feature New Villains & Inspiration Revealed

Paper Towns in theaters July 24!
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Spider Man Movie To Feature New Villains & Inspiration Revealed
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A new Spider-Man movie is on the way and we’ve got some new details on what to expect. Today’s episode of Clevver News Feed is brought to you by the new John Green movie, Paper Towns in theaters July 24! We know who the new Spider-Man will be, who the new director will be and now we know who will be the film’s biggest influence. With Ant-Man set to arrive in theaters on July 17th, Marvel’s Kevin Feige has been making the rounds promoting the film and of course being asked about the new Spider-Man movie set to arrive in theaters in 2017. While speaking to Birth Movies Death, Feige revealed that the new film will be greatly inspired by the films of John Hughes saying quote, “Just as we hadn’t seen a heist movie in a long time, or a shrinking movie in a long time, we haven’t seen a John Hughes movie in a long time. Not that we can make a John Hughes movie – only John Hughes could – but we’re inspired by him, and merging that with the superhero genre in a way we haven’t done before excites us.” Feige went on to say that the soap opera aspect of high school and focusing on Peter Parker’s circle of family and friends also excites them and though the stakes in the film may not be as big as taking on someone like Thanos, to Peter, most things will be life or death, because that’s how you see things when you’re a teenager. Of course, that doesn’t mean he won’t have actual villains to deal with, but don’t expect to see yet another interpretation of Green Goblin. Feige revealed that they are interested in introducing villains we haven’t seen on the big screen before and considering Spidey has one of the most recognizable list of rogues in comics, there are endless possibilities. Of course, before Spider-Man takes on one of his classic villains, he’ll have a Civil War to deal with. Despite last week’s announcement that Tom Holland would be the new “Peter Parker” and Jon Watts would be directing the solo film, there was no mention of Spider-Man’s introduction in next summer’s Captain America: Civil War. Feige has since confirmed his appearance and though it’s unclear how large a role he will play in the film, Feige told Zap2It that this will be the first time on screen that we’ll see him not as the only hero in the universe and instead will be a quote, “kid in Queens with these powers and has other [superheroes] to look to.” He’ll have to decide if he wants to be like these other characters or have nothing to do with them and that choice will impact his experience. As for what’s in store for Spider-Man and the MCU after the 2017 solo film, Feige wasn’t ready to reveal if we’ll see other Spider-Man characters introduced in future Marvel movies telling Superhero Hype that they are focusing on producing the stand-alone Spider-Man movies for now, but when Birth Movies Death asked if we could potentially see Spider-Man appear in one of the Netflix Marvel shows, Feige’s response was quote, “My general answer to that is never say never, but our current Sony deal is very specific – we’re producing the standalone film, with a certain amount of back and forth allowed.” We’ll have to wait to see what the “back and forth” will be, but what do you think of a John Hughes inspired Spider-Man movie and which villain would you like to see Spidey take on next? Share your thoughts in the comments or tweet us @ClevverMovies and then click here to find out what 7 things we think need to happen in the 2017 movie. I’m Ryland Adams, thanks for watching and we’ll see you soon with more movie news right here on Clevver Newsfeed.

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Spider Man Movie To Feature New Villains & Inspiration Revealed


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Rekha Bharadwaj Recommends Sonia Mackwani’s ‘ Everyone Can Heal’ for Healthy Living

Popular playback singer, Rekha Bharadwaj unveils Sonia Macwani’s book Everyone Can Heal in a star studded event. Leadstart Publishing and Crossward Book hosted the book launch. Book deals with Healthy Living and Coping skills with negative emotions.

Bollywood runs through our veins. In a country like ours, people worship movie stars. This channel serves you the hottest news about Bollywood, movie reviews, movie previews, music reviews, features, celebrity interviews, celebrity gossips, birthday events, parties and many more events related to Bollywood. For your daily dose of Bollywood, you can subscribe to our channel on YouTube.

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Rekha Bharadwaj Recommends Sonia Mackwani’s ‘ Everyone Can Heal’ for Healthy Living

High School Relationships Are Stupid | Michelle Tells

//Hey friends! Today we are getting chatty about high school relationships, being successful on YouTube, & being a perfectionist. I love this “Michelle Tells” series because it lets me open up and give you guys some of my best advice. Let me know if you guys would want more of these, they’re so much fun for me to film! (Also excuse the slight off focusing of this video)

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High School Relationships Are Stupid | Michelle Tells

Summer Inspiration: Quick & Easy Summer DIY Projects!

Summer Inspiration: Quick & Easy Summer DIY Projects for Cheap!
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Summer Inspiration: Quick & Easy Summer DIY Projects!

Healthy Is the New Happy

Our Independent Consultant nutrition leaders start every day with Arbonne Essentials products. Combined with a smart diet and exercise, the products give them the nutrients and energy they need for a truly healthy, happy lifestyle.
Healthy Is the New Happy

Cheated on, Relationships, And Self Worth | From My Perspective

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Cheated on, Relationships, And Self Worth | From My Perspective

Healthy Living

More than one-third of U.S. adults are obese. It’s a problem that besets other problems like stroke, diabetes, and heart disease, which are some of the top killers in our nation. Veteran Reporter and Investigative Journalist Bill Kurtis thinks it’s time for a wake up call.

“The time is now when we have to do something about it, otherwise our obesity problem is just going to skyrocket, continue on the rocket ride,” said Kurtis.

Kurtis teamed up with USANA Health Services Scientist, Brian Dixon, to speak with an audience at North Central’s Wentz Hall about how to start taking steps to a healthier, leaner life. Much of the blame, Kurtis feels, is in our overly processed diets.

“We are bombarded, stimulated, everytime we walk out the door, by signs, by jingles, by the smell of food that we have grown up with, that’s the American diet,” said Kurtis. “They’re reaching out to us to get money. and in exchange they’re giving us little time bombs that are killing us.”

High fructose corn syrup, nitrites, nitrates and added fats are the enemy and weaning them out of our diet is key to beginning our nutritional makeover which is a process with a rainbow at the end.

“Eat in technicolor, so you can eat as many brightly colored fruits and vegetables as possible, that is going to start to get you down that trajectory of healthy eating,” said Brian Dixon, USANA health Services Scientist.” Foods you should avoid tend to be the colors of black, brown and white. So think about when you char-boil a steak or a delicious brat here in the Midwest, potatoes as well, those are white, so avoid the black, the white, and the brown.”

Once you’ve cleansed your palate, pick up the pace. An active routine, no matter the length, can make a big difference in your overall health.

“People think they have to go to the gym, they think they have to be sore, they think they have to sweat their brains out to make a big difference, but it’s really small little things like we can do like walking around the block for 30 minutes and then maybe 45 minutes, and then maybe an hour every day can have huge benefits for your health and your health outcome in the future,” said Dixon.

Making simple and smart changes will take you in the right direction, propelling you forward to a fitter future.

“If you lean toward that healthy the majority of the time, not every time, I mean life is a beautiful thing and you should enjoy it, but if you do that the majority of the time, you’re going to set yourself up perfectly for a better health outcome,” said Dixon.

Naperville News 17′s Rachel Pierson Reports.
Healthy Living

Healthy Living Update: The Truth About Gluten

Join Shemane & Registered Dietician Dee Harris who works with author and neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter, author of “Grain Brain,” for an informative discussion about gluten sensitivity.

Contact Dee Harris: for more information.

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Healthy Living Update: The Truth About Gluten


I was just trying to get some cereal first…

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