Healthy Living After 50

When women think of middle age, menopause may come to mind. There are other health issues to address at 50. If we ignore them now, it’ll cost us later.

JoAnne Jarvis of Omaha doesn’t believe in aging well, she intends to fight it. Jarvis said “I have been a very active person my entire life, I used to be a marathon runner, and I intended to get older kicking and screaming, I wasn’t going to be old.”

An injury forced her to switch to Pilates and cycling instead of running. But staying physically active is only part of the plan.

Doctor Tom Pruse, an Alegent Health OB/GYN, helps JoAnne stay on top of her health. At 50, doctors start considering women’s genetic risks to conditions. There are routine screenings, mammograms and skin cancer checks should be done yearly. Colonoscopies are scheduled based on a woman’s risk factors. JoAnne needed a DEXA scan to determine her risk for Osteoporosis. She now takes monthly medicine. It’s just one of the changes JoAnne is noticing. By scheduling regular visits with Doctor Pruse, she’s able to ask questions.

Doctor Pruse said “They’re so relieved because they think they’re the only ones with this problem and when you tell then no, this is very common, and I can tell you why this is happening they are very relieved. Some of them choose not to do anything about it, but at least they know what’s going on.”

JoAnne has some aches and pains, and knows her memory isn’t what it used to be. She chooses to focus on what she can do, not what she can’t.

Jarvis said “The most important thing is to keep on going, and keep on doing the things you can do so that you maintain your strength and your flexibility, your energy level. To be engaged in life, that’s what keeps us young.”

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Healthy Living After 50

We Beat Long Distance (Relationships) | TRIBETYLER

We’ve spent over 6 months across the country from each other. It can work.


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We Beat Long Distance (Relationships) | TRIBETYLER

Health Science and Healthy Living

Before Cancer – A Manual For Healthy Living Based on Science.
Available Now.

At, you can access books on cancer and health science.

‘Terminate Cancer’ was published in 2014, and it describes a relatively new field of cancer therapy known as immunotherapy.

Newest book, ‘Before Cancer’ is a resource for everyone that describes how health science begins with genetics and nutrition, and it provides some guidelines for assisting readers with healthy living based on science.

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cancer prevention
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Health Science and Healthy Living

Succulent Inspiration

Here’s the names of the Succulents I used:

1. Blue Chalk Sticks (Senecio mandraliscae)
2. Aloe Vera
3. Echeveria ‘Black Prince’
4. Echeveria ‘Lola’
5. Aeonium ‘Kiwi’
6. Sedum ‘Coral Carpet’
7. Kalanchoe luciae ‘Flapjacks’
8. Echeveria pulidonis
9. Anacampseros telephiastrum variegata
10. Panda Plant (Kalanchoe tememtosa)
11. Echeveria ‘Perle von Nurnberg’
12. More Sedum ‘Coral Carpet’
13. More Panda Plant (Kalanchoe tomentosa)
14. Another Aeonium ‘Kiwi’
15. More Sedum ‘Coral Carpet’

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Succulent Inspiration

Antiphysical: Why Men Are Giving Up Sex & Relationships

Kit Daniels – @KitDaniels1776 – –

Why are more men now watching pornography instead of meeting women?

Why are more men now watching sports to experience thrill and a tribal sense of belonging instead of being active outdoors?

Why are men becoming less primal?
Antiphysical: Why Men Are Giving Up Sex & Relationships

Healthy Living.

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Healthy Living.

DIY Inspiration Challenge #55 Tür Dekoration | Kathis Challenge | Tutorial – Do it yourself

DIY Inspiration Challenge #55 Tür Dekoration | Kathis Challenge | Tutorial – Do it yourself

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DIY Inspiration Challenge #55 Tür Dekoration | Kathis Challenge | Tutorial – Do it yourself

How Do Four Person “Quad” Relationships Work?

Polyamorous relationships are when more than two people are consensually in a romantic relationship with each other. Brett and Hasan tell you about quads. Let us know if you would ever be in a quad.


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How Do Four Person “Quad” Relationships Work?

Inspiring Healthy Living – HEALTHY EATING (One Simple Change)

Inspiring Healthy Living – One Simple Change with HEALTHY EATING.
One Simple Change Health Advisers discuss the importance and ease of embracing healthy eating.
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Inspiring Healthy Living – HEALTHY EATING (One Simple Change)

TYPES OF RELATIONSHIPS! | Saffron Barker ft Jake Mitchell

♡TYPES OF RELATIONSHIPS! | Saffron Barker ft Jake Mitchell♡
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TYPES OF RELATIONSHIPS! | Saffron Barker ft Jake Mitchell

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Healthy Living for Kids

Healthy living should be a part of everyone’s lifestyle. That’s why children at Yokota Air Base are being taught healthy living at an early age. A1C Patrick Cole stops by to check out an elementary school health program.
Healthy Living for Kids


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Self Improvement – Mind and Body – Healthy Living – Healthy Foods

The way for healthy living through healthy foods and motivation to exercise. People need to understand why it is important to eat healthy for the mind and the body. The benefits of eating healthy can help you in a long way to increase results. There is only a certain percentage of people who understand the way to wellness and success. You might be a top performer when it comes to delivering results but if you are not mentally and physically healthy you might be losing results. There are ways to increase your efficiency and productivity and get more results by eating healthy and by exorcising. Daily workout routine for successful people is a little bit of physical activities then followed by mental activities and eating healthy. Pathways to wellness is learning on how to stay motivated to exercise. You need to understand how to live healthy and how to exercise and eat right. The secret of increasing productivity, success, efficiency and getting more things done is easier said than done. Part one is to exercise daily and keep the body active and moving. This increases your mental awareness and keeps you active. Part two will be to watch what you are eating. Heavy foods drain the energy out of your body and does not help you to stay focussed. The right healthy foods not only give you the energy you need but also gives you a feel good factor and helps you easily increase metabolism and keeps you focussed through out the day. The same goes for un healthy foods which need to be avoided at all cost. Un healthy foods drain you out of energy and never let you be active and push towards your goals. Science has also proved that eating healthy and exercising regularly can have huge positive impacts on your life and well being.
Self Improvement – Mind and Body – Healthy Living – Healthy Foods

SUPER SIM CHALLENGE | 8 Relationships at Once!? (Part 10)

Juggling two relationships is a little bit dicey, how about eight!?


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SUPER SIM CHALLENGE | 8 Relationships at Once!? (Part 10)

Líčenie podľa Rihanna | Makeup Inspiration Rihanna

Líčenie podľa Rihanna, je veľmi jednoduché, zábavné a jedinečné.
Pretože povedzme si otvorene, koľkokrát v roku nosíte čierne pery? Ja asi začnem, pravidelne. :-)
Krásny víkend.
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gabriella salvete bronzer powder | 01
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zoeva 230 pencil brush
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avon nailwear pro+ | midnight
doplnky h&m (čierny náhrdelník, strieborný náhrdelník, nášnice a prsteň)
čipokované body Zara
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Cartoon – On _ On _feat. Daniel Levi_ _NCS Release
Wee Press On
zrkadlovka | Canon D600
strih | iMovie

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Líčenie podľa Rihanna | Makeup Inspiration Rihanna