Andrew Fuller and Clarke Collins – Relationships | The Final Word

Everyone wants a relationship but what are you bringing to the table. Have you asked yourself, What am I bringing financially, emotionally, spiritually, educationally and physically. Do you have aspirations in life that are good for the relationship and then the marriage?.
Even though we may want a relationship is it the right time for you? What is the other person brining to this relationship?

Relationships- the Final Word is a presentation by Clarke and Andrew talking about their own experience as they seek to educate and help people to make better decisions. Even though you may have made mistakes in the past that does not need to dictate your future.


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PreachingPlace: The Final Messengers

Andrew Fuller and Clarke Collins – Relationships | The Final Word

Courtney Barnett Speaks on the Inspiration Behind Her Debut Album

Courtney Barnett was certainly one of the most buzzed about bands at this year’s SXSW, yet the unassuming Australian rocker seemed blissfully unaware. “I hope people come to this…” she tells me while timidly lurking in front of the many pieces of artwork she hand produced for her Tumlbr IRL show. There had been a line around the block for hours.

Courtney personally curated the artwork in the space, incorporating projections and screen printed drawings of chairs that her dad used to collect when she was a child; one of which served as inspiration for the album artwork on her recently released debut LP Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I just Sit. These quirky doodles, framed photographs, and projected animations transformed the space into more of a small gallery than a music venue, and served as an ideal backdrop to Courtney’s performance.

We spoke with Courtney before her show about curating the space, finding inspiration for her album and the sometimes unpredictable process of writing songs.

Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I just Sit is out now via Mom+Pop.

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Courtney Barnett Speaks on the Inspiration Behind Her Debut Album

Relationships Talks Pt. 4!

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Relationships Talks Pt. 4!

Finding Inspiration – Lia Marie Johnson

I love to get inspired before heading into the studio. The looks were provided by Macy’s mstylelab junior’s department – links below.

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Look#1 One Clothing Juniors’ Surplice Romper (worn in car):

Look #2 American Rag Long-Sleeve Printed Romper:

Look #3 Material Girl Juniors’ Printed Harem Pants:

Look #3 Material Girl Juniors’ Crepe Racerback Top (similar style):

Directed by George Nienhuis (
Produced by Chris Pluchar
Editor: Alex Jones
Colorist: Ryan McNeal
Sound Mixer: Jake Unterreiner
Music by Klassik (
Wardrobe Stylist: Elizabeth Kott
Make-up Artist & Hair Stylist: Linda Marfisi
Production Designer: Chris Barundia
A-Cam Operator: Wojciech Kielar
B-Cam Operator: Kyle Fallon
1st AC: Michael Broccolo
Finding Inspiration – Lia Marie Johnson

Psycho Waluigi – 3 – three Bs for a healthy living

Bombshell Kingdom
Crystal Swamp Kingdom
Mt. Machina Kingdom

This video was filmed before I got all these great suggestions to improve the quality, so, ah, let’s just world 1 was ‘weird pixelations’ world and it was totally on purpose what are you talking about.

Psycho Waluigi – 3 – three Bs for a healthy living

Michel’le on Plan to Detail Dr. Dre & Suge Relationships in Book – R&B Divas star Michel’le opened up to VladTV about her upcoming books, including a memoir that will include details about her relationships with the fathers of her children, Dr. Dre and Suge Knight. Her co-star Stacy Francis encouraged her to write about what attracted her to both men, and Michel’le says she plans to put those kinds of details in her project.

During our sit-down the ladies also shared their thoughts on the drama on R&B Divas overshadowing the music, and Stacy says you know that you’re signing up for the sensational story lines popular on reality television. Michel’le also agrees that the dramatic moments overshadowed the music when it came to her appearance on the show, and explains that she was going through a hard time during her first season.

Hit the above clip to hear more of what the ladies had to share, including their thoughts on reality stars stepping into the music world.
Michel’le on Plan to Detail Dr. Dre & Suge Relationships in Book

The Truth About Food: Episode 1 (Documentary)

The Truth About Food: Episode 1 (Documentary)

Want to know what food really does to your body? Forget the headlines, watch our intriguing investigations with 500 volunteers as we expose the real science behind the food we eat.

What we eat can change our lives. How to Be Healthy follows nine fast- food junkies to an enclosure at a British zoo as they crunch their way through half a ton of raw fruits and vegetables in just 12 days. Join two truckers who have to swallow an unusual pill to get their internal traffic jams moving. Learn how the bacteria in the gut also enjoy our food, and how it can lead to windy side effects.
The Truth About Food: Episode 1 (Documentary)

MissyLynnSpeaks: Toxic Relationships- Knowing When To Let Go

Hey Loves!
I want to start doing more topic videos and since this topic has been highly requested from friends and subscribers to share my experience on leaving a relationship that’s toxic…so I figured it would be my first topic! :) This also applies to jobs as well! If you like it.. Give a Thumbs up & Share with those who may need to see this!
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MissyLynnSpeaks: Toxic Relationships- Knowing When To Let Go

Col d’Izoard (Briançon) – Cycling Inspiration & Education

Although the north face of the Col d’Izoard may not have had quite as much of the Tour de France limelight as its southern ascent, don’t let that little piece of trivia misguide your judgement towards this mythical mountain that stands centre stage of the Route des Grandes Alpes (Great Alpine Road) stretching 684km from Lake Geneva to the shores of the Mediterranean. Starting in Briançon it’s a stern test, just shy of 20km in length and cloaked in larch wood trees almost all the way up to its 2,360 metre summit. While they offer shelter from the elements they also obscure your view and hold you in suspense right until the very end, gradually peeling back their layers to reveal the 3,320 metre Pic de Rochebrune amidst a mountain landscape beyond words. Deep breath, relax and peace.

Start: Briançon
Length: 19.5km
Summit: 2,360m
Elevation gain: 1,145m
Average gradient: 5.8%
Max gradient: 9%

Special thanks to our partners Mavic, Cannondale, Exposure Lights, Fi’zi:k, Haute Route, La Fuga, Lezyne, Map My Tracks, Muc Off, Scicon, The Sufferfest, Torq Fitness and USE for enabling us to bring these truly spectacular mountains to life for you all. If you’re in need of new bike kit in the future and you enjoyed this video then bear them in mind and help keep the wheels turning :-)

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Stay well, ride safe and thank you for watching.

Mike Cotty
The Col Collective
Col d’Izoard (Briançon) – Cycling Inspiration & Education

Indoor Air – Concerns For Healthy Living Environments

The Balancing® Act on Lifetime® Television
Join TV & radio’s Danny Lipford-an expert in home improvement & remodeling-as he helps Balancing Act viewers understand what they need to know about home ventilation & improving the quality of air inside your home.
Indoor Air – Concerns For Healthy Living Environments

Healthy Habits You Need In Your Life

Be happy! Be healthy!

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Reach Out
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Healthy Habits You Need In Your Life

Taken in Hand Relationships – MGTOW

“Hi, I recently learned about MGTOW after stumbling on your YouTube channel. I’ve been single for a longtime, because I seem to have the uncanny ability to attract women who still act like children. The last one was a major face palm because every financial and life decision she would make was a detriment to her future. I strapped on my parachute and jumped out of that plane. I
guess I wanted to know if it was possible if a “Taken in Hand Relationship” is the answer for some MGTOW’s? I suppose finding a woman that wants to be in a taken in hand relationship is like finding a NAWALT. I love the channel and keep up the good work.” Well thanks for your comments and questions Thomas. With regards to attracting women that behave like little girls instead of women, this is oftentimes an act to look helpless so that you come and rescue them from their lives. This should be viewed as a passive aggressive thing that women often do if they are interested in manipulating a man to do things for them. I spent fifteen years trying to raise two fully grown women with the minds of what I thought were children into adults. That’s how long it takes to raise a child. And in the end when I learned that it was an act that they were just pretending to be unable to do certain things for themselves it really upset me down to the core of my being. The worst thing was seeing one of them financially shoot herself in the foot for five years. She was buying lunches out all the time and poisoning her own body with bad food. Or spending five to ten thousand dollars a year on stuff that would never get used and would be filed away into the closet. Most women that I’ve dated weren’t very efficient or rational with their money or their time. They didn’t seem to look towards the future but focus on the present. Men focus far more onto the future and we tend to neglect the present. We neglect the present so much that we often focus on how great the future will be when we are in love. But we don’t always see the usual warning signs when we are involved with someone. This is how we’ve evolved together and there really isn’t much we can do about it. Thomas, I guarantee that you did the right thing when you bailed out of your relationship. You probably understand at this point that it’s impossible to change a fully grown woman. The only people we can change are children because their behaviors and habits haven’t been set in stone yet. But when it comes to changing a woman to be something she’s not that’s a completely wasted effort. I’ve tried it for a decade and a half and the only thing that changed was me.

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1. Maridav – Tablet PC – hiking couple using travel app or map on hike. Man and woman hikers looking at view pointing

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5. Maridav – Outdoor activity couple hiking – happy hikers walking in forest. Hiker couple laughing and smiling.

6. dolgachov – summer, holidays, vacation and happy people concept

7. Subbotina Anna – Valentine couple in love.

8. ryelo357 – Love concept: eggs with painted faces on them

9. Poznyakov – Couple on party near Christmas tree.

10. Wavebreak Media Ltd – Attractive young couple lying and smiling at camera against wooden planks

Taken in Hand Relationships – MGTOW

The FUNimation Show – Logic’s (Rapper) Anime Inspiration – Quickie

Rapper/recording artist Logic took some time during his ‘Under Pressure’ world tour to share with us his love for anime and nerd culture.

Find out more about Logic:

The FUNimation Show – Logic’s (Rapper) Anime Inspiration – Quickie

Obesity treatment for healthy living at LIFE – City Lights – Tv9

Obesity treatment for healthy living at LIFE – City Lights

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Obesity treatment for healthy living at LIFE – City Lights – Tv9